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Job Description For Worship Pastor:

Worship Pastor: Spirit filled and Spirit led, committed follower and passionate worshiper of Jesus Christ, a genuine heart for ministry, a passion for engaging the church in worship, musical leadership, skilled and gifted as a vocalist and instrumentalist, possess organizational and time management skills.

Job Summary: The primary responsibility of this position is to plan and lead weekly worship services within a team model, understanding the vision and mission of RDF, with a commitment to reaching across the generations and developing leaders.

Essential Functions:

Work under the direction of the Worship Pastor and in conjunction with overall Worship ministry to create opportunities and atmospheres for people to encounter God through music.

Plan and execute the musical portion of weekly worship services

Develop future leaders and train them in understanding the role of worship and the responsibility of being a Worship leader.

Align with and give input into the Vision of the larger picture of Worship Ministries.

Weekly Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Plan music for corporate worship services weekly in a team model to achieve synthesis and congruence of teaching themes and focus for specific topics.

Recruit musicians for weekly services

Conduct rehearsals

Build and keep current our library of music.

Attend Team meetings with Pastor of Worship and other team members.

Give oversight to and maintenance of musical equipment and stage elements.

Provide support for other worship venues such as student ministries.

Meet with members of Worship team to invest in their development.

Engage with and contribute to overall staff by attending staff meetings and events.

Train Worship interns.

Value/gifting/skill set:

*Leadership *Commitment to discipleship and equipping

*Ability to communicate vision

*Investment in larger staff

*Willingness to work in a team model

*Excellent musicianship

Additional requirements:

Must have at least 2 years’ experience as a Primary Worship Leader with vocal and instrumental ability.

Must have a growing relationship with Jesus.

Must be willing to embrace the vision of and engage in the life of s Christian as a whole.

Must be willing to live in honest accountability with the Worship Pastor or co-staff member.

Must be ready to serve and recruit others. will oversee all aspects of the music ministry. all projects will be under the guidance of the senior pastor in capturing the vision of the church.

If you have the heart to see lives changed for Christ...If you've been praying for something different and seeking something more in your life... If you think "out of the box" and have dreams of serving Christ in a mighty way... this could be the position for you.

We desire to know your heart before anything else. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21.

Salary: $25k - $30k

Job Category: Worship Pastor

Job Status: part time

Education: required

Experience: required: (years)

Denomination: Pentecostal

Worship style: Multiple styles