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Job Description For Youth Pastor:

A Youth Pastor is an integral and much needed part of ministry... one that is often overlooked and under appreciated. We are searching for a Youth Pastor who is fully led by the Holly Spirit and devoted to God, able to be diverse in leading the youth. building the ministry from scratch and being the architect and model of the ministry.

Must be able to raise funds for youth projects and be ready to serve and recruit others. will oversee all aspects of the youth ministry under the guidance of the senior pastor in capturing the vision of the church.

Looking for a youth pastor that will generally match the following profile: Female or male; mid-20’s to mid-30’s; married or securely single; a heart for young people and families; a love for the local church; relational and community-minded; good at delegation and team building; patient; teachable. Though this position is not contractual, we are looking for someone who believes they can commit to 5+ years serving our youth.

The purpose of the Youth Pastor is to provide 6th-12th grade students with additional pastoral care, equipping, and encouragement for their active involvement in the various ministries of the church (i.e., social action, education, evangelism, etc.).

Responsibilities will include:

•Provide a meeting once per week during the school year where youth are offered opportunities for personal transformation, and spiritual growth in the presence and w\word of God in a safe setting.

•Lead and facilitate outreach and service opportunities for young people.

•Cooperate with other church ministries and staff in reaching families of students who attend meetings.

•Lead, facilitate, and guide youth in participation at a youth camp during the summer.

•Provide other opportunities for youth equipping as deemed necessary by the youth pastor and/or Leadership Team.

•Provide pastoral care and oversight to the youth of Fellowship of Christians.

If you have the heart to see lives changed for Christ... If you've been praying for something different and seeking something more in your life... If you think "out of the box" and have dreams of serving Christ in a mighty way... this could be the position for you.


We desire to know your heart before anything else. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21.

Salary: $15k - $20k

Job category: Youth Pastor

Job status: part time

Education required: high school

Experience required: (years):

Denomination: Pentecostal

Worship style: Multiple styles